On this page you’ll find web resources that I enjoy. I hope you’ll find something that interests you. To start, here is a short post about why I created this page.

Computer Graphics

Graphic Rants


Brian Karis’ (known for Epic Games’ “Nanite” virtual geometry system) blog. A bunch of interesting hardcore real-time graphics work from someone working at a triple-A studio. It’s rarely updated and most of the posts are from 5+ years ago.

SIGGRAPH Advances in Real-Time Rendering


This SIGGRAPH track has heaps of information about state-of-the-art graphics techniques, mostly used in games. There are lots of technical talks and slides.


Rationality from AI to Zombies


A compilation of blog posts about rationality. These had a huge impact on me and my way of thinking during my early 20s, and I still re-read them now and then. I don’t know the right philosophy words to describe the genre. Materialism is one that I do know.

I know some people who don’t like this series because to them Yudkowsky comes across as arrogant; a sort of “look at me I am very smart” vibe. I personally have never felt anything like that when reading these posts.


matklad’s blog


Alex Kladov’s (known for Rust Analyzer) blog. They seem to care about good software in ways that I relate to. Some values of “good”: well-structured, refactorable, understandable, efficient.

nikic’s blog


Nikita Popov’s blog. They have worked on the PHP VM and the LLVM compiler. I like it because they talk about fairly low-level programming language performance (interpreters/VMs and compiler performance).

Visual Art

FZD School


Feng Zhu is a concept artist who runs a concept design school school out of Singapore. On this channel he draws while talking. He often talks about drawing fundamentals, advice for beginner/student artists, and his experience in art school and industry. There is a lot of content and he rarely posts new videos.

James Gurney

Blog: http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@JamesGurney

I learned about James Gurney because he wrote a highly recommended book, Color and Light. He is an extremely good artist. His blog is mostly about painting/visual art, and often includes art-related philosophy and neuroscience. On his YouTube channel he posts wonderful narrated videos of plein air painting.

No category (read: weird, in a good way)

Gwern Branwen


Gwern is a pseudonymous American writer and researcher. They write about a range of topics too broad to list. To gesture somewhat in their direction, they are connected to the [San Fransisco] “bay area rationalist” community, have a GitHub profile, use the Haskell programming language, and contribute to to Wikipedia.

Scott Alexander

Original site: https://slatestarcodex.com

Substack: https://astralcodexten.substack.com

Bay-area rationalist psychiatrist who writes a lot. I simply find his opinions and cognitive style interesting, whether or not I agree. So far, I prefer his old content (Slate Star Codex) to his new content (Astral Codex Ten).